Productivity w Lynda, MDN, SitePoint

Top of my list to discuss is the most recent CSS3 I’ve reviewed; namely, the difference btwn :pseudo-class and ::pseudo-element — most obviously, the single and double colon distinction.

MDN web docs defines them as the following (excerpted):

pseudo-element keyword added to a selector that styles a specific part of the selected element(s).

pseudo-class keyword added to a selector that specifies a special state (like hover, visited) of the selected element(s).

I get :hover, :visited, and :active which to me follow the spec; however, I can confuse them easily at this point. Probably the best aspect is that there are far fewer p-elements than p-classes (thankfully).

I’m very impressed with the MDN developer web docs and have begun reading through the HTML and CSS3 documentation and tutorials from the introductory level (which is a very good refresher). Both have assessments to complete after each intensive module — and I’m looking forward to testing my skills!

I made a codepen featuring Substring Value Attributes which I reviewed on MDN to help cement the learning…was fun picking my favorite flags! This is a good example why I’ve decided to restart my @self_teach_dev as a complete beginner — because there have been so many advances since I was last engaged and because reviewing basics is always good.

For my delve back into PHP (my favorite aspect of webdev right now) I’ve rediscovered the foreach consruct 🙂

Other non-deving stuff from past weeks: making sure I get enough VitD and another movie to add to my top 10 list: Laurie Anderson’s “Heart of a Dog

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