Dynamic Linking w/PHP

There’s a brilliant lynda.com course called PHP and MySQL Essential Training, w Kevin Skoglund (novafabrica.com) that I’ve launched back into – redoing to reinforce the content. I watch a couple chapters at a time, stop, and then code and build the course content from memory…a challenging but necessary task because I find it’s the best way to … Read more

Productivity w Lynda, MDN, SitePoint

Top of my list to discuss is the most recent CSS3 I’ve reviewed; namely, the difference btwn :pseudo-class and ::pseudo-element — most obviously, the single and double colon distinction. MDN web docs defines them as the following (excerpted): pseudo-element keyword added to a selector that styles a specific part of the selected element(s). pseudo-class keyword … Read more

Something Worth Working For

This week I rededicated my energies to something I love learning about and practicing: web development. While it’s a challenging process for me, I can’t help being drawn to it. It fascinates me. It’s loads of fun! It’s also frightening because it’s an intimidating field, and I’ve been self-teaching the fundamentals (on and off) for … Read more