Productivity w Lynda, MDN, SitePoint

Top of my list to discuss is the most recent CSS3 I’ve reviewed; namely, the difference btwn :pseudo-class and ::pseudo-element — most obviously, the single and double colon distinction. MDN web docs defines them as the following (excerpted): pseudo-element keyword added to a selector that styles a specific part of the selected element(s). pseudo-class keyword … Read more

Something Worth Working For

This week I rededicated my energies to something I love learning about and practicing: web development. While it’s a challenging process for me, I can’t help being drawn to it. It fascinates me. It’s loads of fun! It’s also frightening because it’s an intimidating field, and I’ve been self-teaching the fundamentals (on and off) for … Read more

Relaxed Family Visits

I am often called to help people ready their home for family visits. It can be extremely challenging to juggle all the tasks needed to prepare for visits, so when family comes for the holidays or when work is particularly busy, it’s easy to get overwhelmed quickly. Having a trusted and reliable person to do … Read more